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Have you ever believed there is something more to life than what we were brought up to believe?  Like we are here on earth for a deep purpose or mission?  Perhaps it is just a feeling inside, or maybe you are seeing the signs in your life pointing you in a new direction.  Or maybe you are seeing and experiencing things that just can't be explained.  There is more to this life than what most of us can see infront of us.  The ancient civilizations on the planet have written about this and left us many mysteries and questions, so that we too, may aspire to be something more or greater than what we are.       

All of us have a divine purpose and I believe life is a constant discovery of that purpose. 

Throughout my journey, I have found nothing that compares to the power of initiation. You must initiate, or start, a change if you desire a different outcome. As it has been said by Ghandi "Be the change..." Initiation ceremonies and spiritual rites of passage have been used in all ancient and modern societies for thousands of years. Initiation is not only symbolic in meaning but also a physical statement towards transformation. 

Every service, healing, reading I offer and every class I teach are all about empowerment.  Whether you need clarity or guidance in your own life, or are seeking deeper spiritual knowledge, the teachings and tools that I offer can help you to find these answers within yourself, by strengthening your own connection with the Divine. 

I welcome the opportunity to connect with you. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me, or better yet, meet with me for a free one-hour consultation.

Love & Light,